Author Guideline

This Author Guideline Updated on December 2020 and effective for Vol. 6, No. 1, Juni 2021

A. General Requirements

The minimum standard requirements of International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Informatics must be

  1. Article should written in English or Bahasa Indonesia
  2. The length of the submitted paper is at least 4000 words and no more than 6.000 words.
  3. The manuscript has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor)
  4. Use of a tool such as Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote for reference management and formatting, and choose APA 6th Edition style
  5. Make sure that your paper is prepared using the Jurnal Pembangunan Nagari TEMPLATE

B. Structure of The Manuscript

The manuscript must be prepared and suggested present follow the structure:

  1. Make sure the tittle of paper maximum are 16 words, without Acronym or abbreviation
  2. The Abstract length has 150-200 WORDSNo citation; State in the abstract a primary objectivemethodologyresultsconclusions and recommendations.
  3. Section structure. Authors are suggested to present their articles in the section structure:Introduction - Method - Results and Discussion – Conclusion and Recommendations.
  4. References. Expect a minimum of 15 references for original research article and 25 references for literature review article, primarily with minimum 80% to journal papers both of original and literature review article. Use of a tool such as Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote for reference management and formatting and chooseAPA 6th Edition style

Manuscript Types

Jurnal Pembangunan Nagari accepts submission for the following types.

1. Research Article

Research articles are full-length original empirical investigations and research, consisting of introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions.  Original work must provide references and an explanation on research findings that contain new and significant findings.

2. Review article

The review article is a critical evaluation of materials about current research that has already been published by organizing, integrating, and evaluating previously published materials. It summarizes the status of knowledge and outlines future directions of research within the journal scope. It aims to provide systemic overviews, evaluations, and interpretations of research in a given field.